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Welcome to the future of Wellness!
And welcome to your Transformation!
This is where it all begins! You can start to lose weight and feel better NOW!
Over the next 90 days, you'll overcome your fear of change,
you'll lose weight and you'll step into a life of wellness and
well-being ... a life that will reveal the best you!
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If you are...
  • Finally ready to stop thinking & talking about losing weight and do something about it
  • Tired of trying every fad diet out there and not getting the results you desire
  • Ready to start feeling your best every day and ditch the fatigue, belly bloat and aches & pains
  • Ready to unveil and unleash the real woman you are inside who is not truly being reflected on the outside
  • Motivated by the desire to improve and grow as a woman
  • 100% ready and committed to creating your best life…

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Then the BodyLuxe Masterpiece program is for you!

We understand. We have been where you are. Together we have lost over 80lbs and 28% body fat. And in the process, we were able to rid ourselves of migraine headaches, digestive issues, high blood pressure, depression and the overall feeling of just not feeling well. We knew we could do better. We knew we deserved better. And we know that you do too.



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With our 90-Day Total Transformation
BodyLuxe Masterpiece

You can expect:
Significant weight loss
A drop in 2-4 dress sizes
A reset to your metabolism
Increased energy and a desire to move/exercise
An understanding of your unique makeup and nutritional needs
Insight into what your cravings mean and how to satisfy them -OR- Eliminate them
The tools and knowledge to maintain your results for life
An understanding of how your emotions are affecting your eating behaviors
Activate a healthy palate that will actually crave nourishing food
An introduction to healthy yet decadent food and recipes
Unsurpassed Support & Accountability
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  • Initial Get Acquainted and Get Started 90-minute
  • Twelve weekly 45-minute coaching sessions
  • Nutritional Assessment completed with Nutri-Q (the most comprehensive nutritional analysis application available)
  • Top quality, professional-grade nutritional supplements
  • Proven weight loss strategies/programs
  • Unlimited support with a daily communication option
  • Access to Personal NutriPortal™
  • Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • Work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • Learn better food options and how you can easily incorporate them
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Discover the confidence to create the life you want
(The NutriPortal™ is a personal web-based portal where every client may access their personal nutritional and health recommendations, supplement plans, meal plans, recipes specific to their needs. You will also have access to hundreds of health topics, audio, video and social tools. The NutriPortal™ also tracks improvements, allows you to upload and share documents and allows for live chats).All information is secure and accessible on any device, anywhere with an internet connection. Transformation has never been easier!
This program is not for you if…
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  • You want a quick fix rather than a lifestyle change
  • You don't have the patience to go after what you want
  • You expect your coach or others to want it more than you do
  • You don't value your time or ours
  • You are not open to trying something new and different
  • You are not excited and lit up about food, fashion and Life
  • You are not ready to be 100% committed





No longer having to surrender to cycles of stress or overeating.
No longer being held back by lack of sleep or low energy.
No longer being confused about what you should or shouldn’t eat.

This can be your reality.

Your personalized action plan will help you redefine quality living, so that you can expedite a happy, healthy life … one that’s notably more flexible, more rewarding, and, of course, more Luxe!
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