Meet Violet

I started doing what I do because of the profound effect gaining control of my weight and health had on my own life, and I knew I needed to use my coaching and mentoring skills in this area to help others.

I keep doing what I do because of the gratification I receive when a transformation takes place. When the woman I first meet departs and another emerges. It is as if the, as the weight melts off and the woman who was hiding steps out and takes center stage. It is amazing to witness!

I know most people can recall that pivotal moment where they hit rock bottom or had a sudden awareness that something had to change. But for me, it wasn’t like that.....

Instead, it was years of suffering from migraine headaches, skin rashes, lack of energy, mood swings and trying every diet that came my way.

I would lose a few pounds, then quickly gain them back. I would find myself crying in the dressing room when shopping for clothes. My biggest regret is the important events I didn't attend because of being so unhappy with my appearance.

And as I got older, I started to feel more and more hopeless.

But with age I was just supposed to accept weight gain and my declining body, right?

Well, not this girl!

I knew I could do better. I wasn't going down without a fight. So I sought out a health coach with a solid program, lost the weight, and never looked back. I educated myself, went back to school, and learned everything I could about my body, food and the role our emotions play in this struggle. And the more I learned, the more I was able to help not only myself, but other women who are challenged with the same issues.

I lost over 30lbs. and went from 33% body fat to 19%, and have kept the weight off now for over 7 years. My body has totally reshaped itself, and I’d dare to say looks a lot like when I was in my 20s. I no longer get the headaches I once did, I no longer battle with my weight or body image, and I’m no longer afraid of aging!

And because I’ve been there and through it all, I know how to best help my clients.

Whether their goals are to lose weight, to love and embrace who they see in the mirror, or to lose their frustrations and fears around food, I teach them to listen to their body and learn what it needs to remain balanced and healthy.

I take this work very seriously because it’s not just about a number on the scale, but about each person’s health and showing honor to the only body they will ever have. I understand that each body is unique, so no cookie cutter treatments here. Instead, I look at the complete being--so it’s not just about the food OR imbalances in the body OR the emotional component alone, it’s about all of it, all of you!


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