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Breast Cancer Awareness

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As breast cancer becomes more and more common, affecting women and men directly or indirectly, it’s crucial that we bring awareness and support to the discussion. As someone who has been affected, and seen many friends and family members be affected, this movement is near and dear to me and one that I whole-heartedly support.

In fact, I’d love if you’d take a moment now to honor those who have fought this fight and those who have fought and will continue to fight. Let’s pause for a moment of silence in their honor.

Years ago, breast cancer did not exist on such an epidemic-level as it does now, where even young women in their early 20s are being diagnosed. Now, this new epidemic-level is up for debate as to how we got there, but from what I’ve studied, a lot of it has to do with the foods we eat, how we prepare the foods, and how well we manage stress. And, of course, there’s also a genetic component too.

So do you have a say in the matter? Absolutely. There are many precautions you can take immediately to lessen your risk of breast cancer, or any abnormal illness for that matter.

#1.Clean up your diet. A poor diet has been directly linked to cancer and other diseases. So instead of just eating to eat or eating what you feel in the moment, try eating for your nourishment and body.

#2. Be sure you’re in tune and aware of your body. Feel around your lymph nodes and breasts. And make sure to regularly schedule a checkup with your doctor, especially if something doesn’t feel right. Remember, this is your life, it’s best to take control and put yourself first.

#3. Detox at least twice a year. In Ayurveda, the best time to detox is at the changing of the seasons—think out with old in with the new. So spring and fall are the perfect times to detox—right before winter and the holidays and right after.

#4. Limit your stress. When we put too much stress on the body, it can directly affect your long-term health and decrease your immune system.

When we eat healthier and take care of our bodies, we are able to handle stress better and think clearer in situations that may seem overwhelming or unbearable on an unhealthy diet. So for breast cancer awareness month, I urge you to take a look at your diet. What foods and ingredients are you putting into your system? What can you change or swap out for a healthier alternative? And how aware are you of your body? Get aware, and let’s teach our children to be aware too.

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